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Systems.  NightWatch has been providing high quality monitoring and alarm systems since 1999. Our systems are found worldwide on  fine yachts and busy commercial ships where information is vital and downtime is unacceptable.  Our PLC based systems range from highly complex monitoring and control  equipment to basic 32 and 64 input digital alarms for small yachts, tugs and trawlers. 

Graphics. Graphic displays are created for pilothouse flatscreen monitors in either standard or widescreen formats, while displays for utility areas are full color, waterproof touchscreens.  When PCs  are used to drive pilothouse displays,  they are premium industrial units with no fans, hard drives, or other moving parts to fatigue or seize up.

Innovation.  In addition to creating some of the most reliable monitoring and alarm systems available, over the years we have continued to develop new and innovative improvements.  We developed a secondary window for pilothouse displays, allowing the captain to view two different information screens at once.  We’ve expanded the use of color to identify various parameters at a glance.  Our new streamlined E Series and T-64 alarm systems allow the user to personalize settings for his vessel at a fraction of the cost of a custom monitoring system.

Alarm Messages. Our unique text messaging system is designed expressly for unattended or lightly manned vessels.  When an alarm occurs the message is sent immediately.  If it has not been acknowledged within a set time, it sends the message to another set of numbers to notify managers, marinas, or owners.

Remote Access. With passworded VPN internet access to our mid-sized and larger systems, we  provide upgrades and assistance to vessels anywhere in the world from our offices.

Support.  NightWatch support is second to none.  Calls and emails regularly provide solutions within 24 hours.  See our testimonials page.



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