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Upgrades and Refits

August 2019

It’s been a busy year for updating the NightWatch systems on many of our earliest vessels.  We’ve upgraded some of the original hardware and software, including replacing old PCs with all solid state Hatteland units and modernizing our bridge displays with new graphic software.


E-32s for Washington State Ferries

October 2018

All American Marine has installed an E-32 system on M/V Kitsap and will add E-32s to two more ferries this month.  Each system has been upgraded to include our emergency text message system for sending alarm messages to cell phones when the vessel is unattended.


More Upgrades for Trident Seafoods Vessels

October 2018

Seattle based Delta Marine has added T-64 upgrades to Trident fishing vessels Gladiator and Pacific Ram.


NightWatch has moved

September 2018

NightWatch has a new location:  16675 96th Terrace N, Jupiter, FL 33478.


Radar Marine Upgrades with E-32 Systems

September 2018

Having installed  E-32 alarm systems in F/V  Pacific Pride, M/Vs Glacier Spirit and Ocean Guardian last year, Radar Marine added one for a Kenai Fjords tour boat and has another system on order.


Another Westport Upgrade

June 2018

NIghtWatch has completed a full replacement of the original monitoring and alarm system on the 130’ motor yacht Short Game.  In order to minimize rewiring, the system utilizes most of the original sensors plus the addition of new interfaces for engines and generators.  The original Devicenet network cabling within the boat was retained with all Devicenet modules replaced with approved Omron units.  Displays are Lloyds approved, full color waterproof touchscreens.


Alaska Commercial Electronics

April 2018

Alaska Commercial Electronics has installed a new E-32 monitoring system for F/V Defiant.


M/Y Touch Replacement

March 2018

.  The 2004 120’ trideck motor yacht Touch has a new full vessel monitoring system replacing the old European one.  The new NightWatch system monitors all tanks, pumps, engines and generators, hatches, and navigation lights among others.  She has full color touchscreen displays for bridge and engine room.


Pacific Marine Expo 2017 in Seattle, Nov 16-18

September 2017

Come try out a NightWatch system and see how easy it is to customize it for your boat.  The T-64 system will be at the Fusion Marine Technology booth (#1030) and the E-32 will be at Radar Marine Electronics (#221).


Calling All Westport Owners

 August 2017

Earlier this year, NightWatch began a complete replacement of the monitoring and alarm system in M/Y Glory, a Westport 112.  Using the existing sensors allowed for a smooth transition to the NightWatch system.  We provided all new processing and display hardware, as well as new upgraded color graphics.  We will soon begin a replacement on a Westport 130.  We look forward to the opportunity to work on more of these beautiful, well-built vessels.


NightWatch Yacht Upgrades

July 2017

We have just completed the first phase of a major upgrade of the alarm and monitoring system on M/Y Harmony (ex Kiss the Sky), a 52 meter Amels built yacht.  The upgrade involves adding numerous new alarms, advanced monitoring for engines and generators, and moving information displays from numerous individual bridge panels to the NightWatch flatscreen.  In order for the new owner to cruise the vessel during the summer months the work was rushed at 12 hours per day for 2 ½ weeks at Amico Shipyard in Italy.  Phase 2 will continue during the winter layup at Amico.


More Upgrades by Delta Marine

June 2017

In 2017, Delta Marine in Seattle has added new T-64 systems to fishing vessels Clipper Epic, Sunset Bay, Arctic Ram, Alaskan Lady, and Determined.


Expanding T-64 to Meet the Needs of the Fleet

July 2016

The T-64 is now 8 years old and has become a mainstay for basic 64 point monitoring of fishing vessels and workboats.  Its unique setup abilities, reliability, and Lloyds approved hardware has made it a favorite.  Since the new Coast Guard regs were issued, more complex monitoring has been requested by our customers.  A major reprogramming effort for both the PLC hardware and the color touchscreens has enabled us to offer more comprehensive and expansive monitoring.  This year, we provided systems for vessels ranging from 140 to 300 feet with monitoring points up to 144 digital inputs and 48 analog inputs.  With the redesign complete, systems can now be ordered with up to 192 digital inputs in multiples of 32 and up to 48 analog inputs in multiples of 8.  Analogs can now be user programmed for irregular tanks, with our standard 16 level calibration, or any linear 4-20 milliamp inputs such as temperature or pressure types.  Special monitoring of engine or electrical parameters is still available for up to 6 engines and 8 generator or shore power sources.  Touchscreen displays are available in 8, 12, and 15 inch full color NEMA4 versions.


New Regs for the Alaskan Fishing Fleet

March 2016

The recent Coast Guard Policy Letter No. 11-11, Ch 1 titled Automation in lieu of Assistant Engineer, has focused attention on meeting the new regulations without increasing manning, which can mean significant savings.  Among the automation requirements listed is:  “A comprehensive alarm monitoring system that can be remotely monitored from the operating station and Chief Engineer's stateroom, much like the NightWatch system currently installed on several vessels in the fleet.”  NightWatch has been furnishing semi-custom, user programmed alarm systems for the fishing industry since 2008.  Give us a call at 561-745-8722. 


Thank you Radar Marine

November 2015

We want to thank Dan, Ryan, and crew at Radar Marine for inviting us to show our T-64 and E-32 monitoring systems at the Pacific Marine Expo this year.  Taylor and Catherine enjoyed meeting more of the Northwest fishermen and showing them what we have to offer.  If you missed us at the show and would like to see our E-32 system, drop by Radar Marine in Bellingham for a hands-on demonstration.


 New Nordland 106’ Sportfish has a NightWatch System

September 2015

 M/Y Venture More, a luxury sportfish by Nordlund, has been fitted out with a full vessel monitoring system including detailed parameters for generators and shore power as well as main engines and watermakers.   The system also includes control and monitoring of all navigation lighting.


 Time for an Upgrade

 January 2015

Since our graphic displays have evolving and expanded over the years, some of our earlier customers have decided to upgrade their wheel house displays.  Without having to alter our PLC program we can offer a fresher, more contemporary style to the display, as well as extras such as fire area overlays on the emergency screen and the versatile secondary screens that enable the helmsman to view additional vessel systems.


 Can Your Boat Call for Help?

 July 2014

Emergency Text Messaging (ETM) can now easily be added as a stand alone unit to vessels without NightWatch systems.  Five dry contact inputs determine which of the 5 alarm messages will be sent to selected cell phones.  ETM components are housed in a compact waterproof enclousre with a 3.5” touchscreen face for easy user programming.  Once installed, all you need is an inexpensive text-only cell plan added to you wireless account.


Streamlined E Series Monitoring Systems

 April 2014

We’ve revamped our E Series to make it even  more adaptable and  economical.  Designed for vessels needing a small basic reliable  alarm system, the E Series offers 16 or 32 alarm points with 8 relays outputs and user controlled settings.


Superyacht Lady M

June 2013

The new Palmer Johnson flagship yacht, the 213 foot Lady M, has been delivered and is now cruising the Med for the summer season. Lady M sports NightWatch’s largest system to date, including over 1100 monitoring points, an addressable fire detection system, remote control of 13 bilge and fire valves and pumps, plus CCTV security, and our consolidated navigation and conning display for the bridge and wing stations.


Monitoring for the Fishing Fleet

April 2013

NightWatch has just delivered three more T-64 monitoring systems for the Trident Seafoods fishing fleet. With its ease of installation, setup versatility, and long term reliability, the T-64 is rapidly becoming the system of choice for upgrading older alarm systems that have obsolete displays and annunciators but usable sensors.


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