“I have had the luxury of NightWatch monitoring systems being installed on the last few yachts that I have worked on as an engineer. Having a system that provides the detailed information I need with easy to read graphics, whether it’s tank levels, fuel consumption or engine monitoring, yet still be simple enough to train crew members in its many other uses quickly and easily, has been a huge plus. As is being able to change a variety of alarm set points at the push of a button. Being involved with new builds has brought me into contact with NightWatch; their quick response to a phone call or e-mail and their ability to resolve setup issues online has meant no down time and given us a very reliable system. I am happy to be recommending what, for us, is a trustworthy and cost effective system.”

Gavin Clark,
Chief Engineer, 150’ Palmer Johnson



“Anyone thinking about putting a ships monitoring system into their vessel should look seriously at NightWatch Industries. I have been using NightWatch ship monitoring systems since (2004) on our luxury yachts and have been extremely pleased with the personal expertise and passion that NightWatch puts into each and every system. NightWatch is always offering us the latest and greatest available options at a very reasonable price to keep us up to speed and in line with the technology available.

Aside from being treated with first class service, the best part about NightWatch is that, to date, the systems seem to be a bulletproof, which for us and our customers is what it is all about. An easy to use, good looking, accurate, and reliable system at an affordable price.

You will not find a more organized and conscientious company to deal with.”


Scott Robinson
President, Paragon Motor Yachts


“After serving on both charter and private yachts for the past 16 years, I have found one of the most important aspects of yachting is being able to fully rely on the information of your monitoring system. My first introduction to the Nightwatch system was when I took over as Captain on the Temptation 2 ½ years ago.

Through my experiences onboard I have been very impressed with the operation of the system and with how accurate the information displayed has been. We have the Nightwatch monitors in 3 locations onboard displaying the information set out in an easy to use and understand format. The touch screen displays make viewing the information fast and efficient, add to that the “go to alarm” function that displays the page of the alarm that has sounded and it makes the Nightwatch system easy to understand for even your most junior crew member.

Since joining the Temptation I have been extremely happy with the system and the technical support. Norm and his son Taylor are very prompt and helpful with any questions or service that we have required.

Last season we upgraded the system to the new software version and installed all new hardware during our engine room refit. Once again Norm and his team kept their schedule and worked around the yachts. Our new system was installed and running within the allotted time frame and has been functioning flawlessly since.

It is my pleasure to write this reference letter, Norm and his team at Nightwatch have an amazing product that is easy to use and does what it is suppose to. Their customer service has been fantastic and I look forward to being able to install the system on vessels I command in the future.”

Best regards,

Mathew George
Captain, 123’ M/Y Temptation

“Great system! It’s sleek presentation and reliability make it one of the better monitoring systems that I have seen. Anyone looking for a one stop source for their vessel monitoring needs should consider Nightwatch.”

Rafe A. Palladino
Captain, 150’ M/Y Four Jacks

Cher Norm,

Cela fait maintenant 6 ans que je pratique ton systeme Nightwatch et j’en ai toujours tire parfaite satisfaction. Il est simple d’utilisation, facile a lire, fournit toutes les informations necessaires pour la gestion du bateau avec une grande fiabilite. De plus le peu de fois ou j’ai rencontre des difficultes, j’ai toujours obtenu un soutien technique rapide et efficace. Parmis les systemes que j’ai experimente le Nightwatch est de loin celui que je prefere sur tous les points.

Je le recommanderai toujours sans hesitation a qui me demande mon avis pour ce type de systeme.”

Captain Pierre Phippaz
PJ 135’, MY Griffin

“Having been a captain in the megayacht industry for over 20 years, with involvement in several high-end new-build projects, I’ve had the opportunity to experience a number of different monitoring systems. Without question, the Nightwatch system installed in my 135’ Palmer Johnson Sport Yacht is the best system that I’ve ever used.

Logical organization and presentation of data, clear and readable displays, an intuitive user interface, and bullet-proof reliability combine to make the Nightwatch system a joy to use. The precision of the fuel monitoring is exceptional, and easily-adjusted high and low tank level alarms greatly enhance user confidence and safety during fuel bunkering and transfer operations. And to complete the package, should questions or problems arise, Norm and his team are always available to help.

I’ve found the Nightwatch monitoring system to be the best equipment in its class, and I would consider it to be essential in the specification of any new-build project.”

Captain David Frevert
135’ M/Y Dragon

“For the last 18 months, we have had your NightWatch system installed on our PJ135’ motor yacht. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your system, and to thank you for the professional and prompt after-sales service we have received. We have found the NightWatch system to be simple, easy to use, and, more importantly, very reliable. It’s always easier for us to sleep well at night knowing that all the yacht’s systems are being properly monitored , and that we will be warned if ever there is a problem. Keep up the good work!”

Captain Didier Pawlotsky
135’ M/Y Plus Too

“Dear Norm,

I have never written a letter such as this however felt compelled after the installation of your Night-Watch monitoring system on my motor yacht Rusalka.

The monitoring system which was installed by on the vessel by the builder, Christensen, served the boat fine for many years however the system started to fail a piece at a time until it finally went completely dark . The manufacturer of that system was no longer in business so getting it further patched up was fruitless, and my captain and I embarked on finding a replacement system. The thought of going through this again after having installed a new system to replace an existing one on my previous 150-foot motor yacht, was simply daunting. That effort took months and months, cost well over the initial estimate provided and never became fully functional or user friendly.

Therefore, we started to look for monitoring system at boat shows and the web. We found that what was out there were either too small to handle a yacht the size of Rusalka or if they could handle over 150 different sensors the cost was quite prohibitive and required removal of all the wiring , rewiring the entire vessel , new sensors and the like.

We then found your advertisement and after contacting your office were so pleasantly surprised when you volunteered to come down to the boat in Palm Beach and survey it. After performing the survey, taking the information back to your office, you came up with a plan of approach that was quite unique from the several other manufacturers we had spoken to. You were prepared to work with some of the existing wiring and sensors, tested the sensors and found them functioning and in short gave us bid to install your system for a price which I was quite pleased with.

The work was commenced exactly on the day promised, the system had been designed in your shop and brought out, then new computer we needed was bought and provided at a very fair price after we checked it on the web, and your crew stayed with the job until it was completed , well within the promised time frame of about 5 weeks. We then asked for some upgraded graphics to display the boat photos as part of the monitor display program, although the standard graphics were quite nice, and you offered to accommodate this request. We further asked that our Atlas system be monitored and you installed sensors to do so. All on a timely basis, because we were under a sailing date schedule we could not change.

The final price was exactly as you had quoted it, to the penny and there was never a request for extras that we have all been so used to as yacht owners. Now having used the system for a trip, we have not had a single failure or problem with the program ….what a relief it has been. In short, I simply wanted to personally thank you for what turned out to be such a pleasant and uneventful experience for me. If there is ever that, I can speak on behalf of your product and service to other yacht owners, please feel free to refer them to me, as it will be a pleasure to describe your professionalism and product superiority.”


Igor Olenicoff , owner
120’ M/Y Rusalka

“I have found NightWatch Industries' yacht monitoring system to be reliable, easy to use and easy to maintain. Over the past year, it has always done what was expected...and the service provided by the company has been both extremely efficient and thorough. I would certainly recommend this company and their services.”

Captain David Clayman
150’ M/Y Bella Bri

”I built Alessa Leigh specifically for extended fishing and cruising worldwide. I needed to have a very dependable and comprehensive monitoring system that would not fail in some remote location. I am very well connected to captains and crew of similar vessels and have heard all of the horror stories of high end PC monitoring systems constantly reporting false alarms. These problems require a tech to come to where ever we happen to be and then sort out the problems. We are moving too fast and too far to be crippled by one of the most important systems on the boat. After looking at what are currently state of the art monitoring systems I decided on Nightwatch as it is a PLC based system and was designed by people who have put in the offshore miles. The displays make sense and I have all the reliable data I could wish for.”

92’ Custom Long Range S/F Alessa Leigh


“Después de mucho tiempo de buscar cotizaciones para reemplazar un sistema de monitoreo VIIS, el mismo que fue instalado en el Yate Rusalka de 36.50 metros Christensen construido en 1994, yate en el que me desempeño como Capitán, encontré a la empresa Night Watch, dándome la solución en costo, así como y eficiencia en actualización, utilizando los mismos sensores que usaba en el sistema anterior. El sistema operativo de NightWatch utiliza un mejor sistema operativo y uno de los mejores PLC que existen en el Mercado.

Durante todo el proseso de la instalación del sistema por parte de NightWacth, tuve muy poca interrupción, así como en el mantenimiento normal del Yaema, ya que el sistema es muy simple y facil de operar. Unicamente 6 semanas se demoraron en el proseso de instalación y prueba del sistema, tiempo que en realidad yo no me esperaba que terminarían tan pronto!!!! Una cosa muy importante, fue que se reutilizaron todas las cajas de conexiones y cableado del sistema anterior, lo que facilitó al ahorrro de tiempo y dinero.

En cuanto al mantenimiento del sistema, se ve muy simple ya que utiliza 24VCD, pero se require vigilar como cualquier otro sistema electrónico.

El Sistema de NightWatch me ha sorprendido por lo facil y practico, para la tripulacion del yate, quienes fueron entrenados para el uso de sistema de NightWatch, el sitema resulto muy facil y simple de operar, entendiendo rapidamente de como solucionar, verificar el sistema, cambiar cualquier parametro como adjustar los niveles de diferentes tanques o indicadores en motores principales y generadores de corriente.

Por todo lo anterior expuesto, estoy muy contento y puedo recomendar a cualquier persona interesada en el Sistema de la empresa NightWatch ya que es muy confinable.”

Luis Quinonez Mendoza
Captain, 120’ M/Y Rusalka.

"From the standpoint of a Marina Operator, even though we have our own live security team, these systems detect problems long before a security person would. It notifies the appropriate parties immediately, that in itself is a big help. I think it's the best security you could buy, I wish all the boats in the marina had this system.”

Ed Legue
Marina Director, Riviera Beach Marina, FL



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