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NightWatch Industries is committed to producing the highest quality monitoring systems available to the maritime industry.  With every system, our goal is to combine dependable state-of-the-art data acquisition with superb artistic design.   We support each of our products and are proud of our excellent long standing customer relationships.


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President.  NightWatch Industries was founded in 1999 by Norman Dahl, a self-described “Silicon Valley dropout gone to sea”.  Lured from his electronics business in California, he has traveled a good part of the world’s oceans.  While serving as project manager for yacht construction, Norm decided to combine his extensive knowledge of electronics with his vast experiences at sea to create the concept of NightWatch Industries.  Having held a 1600 Ton Master’s license for many years, he began designing the type and quality of equipment he has sometimes found lacking on vessels he has operated.  As head of research and development, Norm continues to use his expertise to bring  innovative technology and creative design to NightWatch.




Vice-President.  Taylor Dahl grew up in the marine industry and has worked on boats with his father for as long as he can remember.  Taylor has been a part of NightWatch since it’s inception in 1999, merging his knowledge of electronics with his love of the sea.  In his role of senior project manager, Taylor supervises  the assembly and programming of NightWatch systems.  As  overseer of new system commissioning, as well as on-site upgrades to our older systems, he has visited marine centers from Europe to the Pacific Northwest and Asia. His insights into the ever-changing global marine industry have been invaluable in our product development.




Night Watch Industries has grown steadily since it’s inception and has provided systems for some of the marine industry’s quality builders. Recent projects include:


125’ Abeking Rasmussen M/Y Sweet Pea
120’ Intermarine M/Y Chosen One
156’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Anson Bell L
123’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Temptation L
92’   Paragon M/Y Golden Spur
92’   Paragon M/Y Diamante
Paragon M/Y Endless Summer
120’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Stanley L
120’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Khalila L
120’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Vanquish L
120’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Hush L
151’ Northern Marine M/Y After Eight  A
151’ Northern Marine Bella Bri A
92’   Hatteras S/F Alessa Leigh
135’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Cover Drive II L
150’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Oneness L
94’   Marco F/V Kevleen K
123’ F/V Starfish A

120’ Christensen M/Y Rusalka
Palmer Johnson M/Y Griffin
123’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Muse L
200’ Santana Shiloh
150’ Palmer Johnson M/Y O’Khalila L
210’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Lady M L
120’ T/V Makushin Bay
70’   F/V Ocean Harvester
180’ B & N Fisheries F/V Bristol Explorer
58’   F/V Committment
155’ B & N Fisheries F/V Arctic Explorer
85’   Cruz Marine T/V Ari Cruz
’   F/V Ursa Mayor
140’ Feadship  M/Y Never Enough L
150’ B & N Fisheries F/V Ocean Explorer
120’ M/Y Escape II upgrade L
230’ U.S. Seafoods F/V Seafreeze America
150’ B & N Fisheries F/V Pacific Explorer
167’ Alaskan Leader Fisheries F/V Bristol Leader
F/V Valiant
132’ Icicle Seafoods F/V Commodore
128’ U.S. Seafoods F/V Alaska Knight
171’ U.S. Seafoods F/V Alaska Provider
172’ Clipper Seafoods F/V Clipper Epic
  Trident Seafoods F/V Arctic Ram
167’ F/V Alaskan Lady
84’   Trident Seafoods F/V Pacific Ram
106’ Nordlund M/Y Venture More
77’   F/V Pacific Pride
75’   M/Y Glacier Spirit
130’ M/V Kitsup


135’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Waverunner L
150’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Hokolani L
135’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Dragon L
94’   Paragon M/Y Tenacity
145’ Heesen M/Y At Last A
150’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Four Jacks L
150’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Clifford II
120’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Izumi L
120’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Vitamin L
135’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Plus Too L
123’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Ocean Drive L
150’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Blue Ice L
150’ Palmer Johnson M/Y Vantage L
213’ Todd Shipyards M/V Christine Anderson A
123’ F/V Shellfish
Fred Wahl Tug M/V Millie Cruz
Trident Seafoods F/V  Bilikin
94’   Paragon M/Y Blue Ridge
65’   F/V Patriot
124’ Trident Seafoods  F/V Dominator
110’ Trident Seafoods F/V Barbara J
165’ Trident Seafoods F/V Sovereignity
165’ Trident Seafoods F/V Northern Patriot
100’ Paragon  M/Y Kaytoo
92’   Paragon - in production
127’ Trident Seafoods F/V Pacific Viking
132’ Trident Seafoods F/V Aldebaran
149’ Trident Seafoods F/V Golden Dawn
58’   F/V Lady Joanne
171’ Amels  M/Y Kiss the Sky L
111’ F/V Kodiak
Nordlund  M/Y Venture More
92’   M/Y
Endless Summer upgrade
144’ Trident Seafoods F/V Southern Wind
151’ M/Y After Eight upgrade A
144’ B & N Fisheries F/V Northwest Explorer
124’ Alaskan Leader Fisheries F/V Bering Leader
140’ Icicle Seafoods F/V Storm Petrol
130’ Icicle Seafoods F/V Anita J
108’ R/V Norseman
160’ Fishermen’s Finest F/V American No. 1
108’ Icicle Seafoods F/V Sunset Bay
112’  Westport M/Y Glory
103’ F/V Determined
130’ Westport M/Y Short Game
120’ M/Y Touch
89’   Nordlund M/Y Sol Pursuit
124’ Trident Seafoods F/V Gladiator
90’   F/V Pegasus



 L =  Lloyd’s Approved
 A =  ABS Approved



 Below are a few of the vessels with NightWatch systems.


M/Y Lady M

M/Y Waverunner

M/Y Temptation

M/Y Skyfall II

M/Y Rhapsody

M/Y Summer Wind

M/Y Anson Bell

M/Y After Eight

M/Y So Taj

M/Y At Last

M/Y Alessa Leigh

F/V Starfish

Ferry Boat Christine Anderson

F/V Barbara J

Tug Boat Millie Cruz

M/Y Kiss the Sky

F/V Arctic Explorer

F/V Ocean Harvester

F/V Aldabaran

F/V Anita J

F/Y Venture More

R/V Norseman

F/V American No 1

F/V Seafreeze America

F/V Alaskan Leader

M/Y Never Enough

F/V Clipper Epic

M/Y Glory


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